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PSI Power Tuning Products

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PSI Power Tuning Products

The Power Box houses a digital microprocessor which intercepts the fuelling signals being transmitted from the ECU to the fuel pump; it then modifies them to ensure the exact amount of diesel required for enhanced performance. Such efficient use of the fuel optimises consumption, reduces smoke emissions and there is less engine stress, enhancing engine life in many cases. The Power Box improves torque enabling the vehicle to change gears earlier and hold higher gears at lower speeds, making driving more pleasurable. The unit fits using the original manufacturers plugs; these existing plugs are opened and the Power Box is secured in between. Full fitting instructions are included with every unit. Features: -Plug-in unit. -No intervention with the original ECU. -1 year equipment warrenty & 1 year engine warrenty- subject to terms (vehicles up to 40,000km and up to 3 years old). -TUV approval. -Compact size. -Shock resistant & waterproof. -Competitively priced. Benefits: -Can be removed prior to sale or used as a selling point. -Traceless. -Peace of mind. -Quality product which is legal and safe. -Unobtrusive in interior of vehicle. -No worries off road. -A good investment. Available for most models.

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